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here's to the golden days of my shirley temple

lick my love pump
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most people call me marb.

i've kind of abandoned this journal as far as updates go. i still use it for communities, though. i guess i should start updating again.

atypical families, avocados, bad lifetime movies, bad local news, being classy/trashy, birthday cake ice cream, blind melon, brady bunch marathons, charles bukowski, classic country duets, compulsive book buying, confessions in conversation, congealed pizza, conway twitty's hair, crushing on matt lauer, dogs, earth, equality, farm stands, feminism, finding reasons to eat, flowers, fruity pebbles, garage sales, gas stations, going on adventures, grocery stores, guybrush threepwood, humans, intense poems, kind people, kris kristofferson, laughter induced convulsions, learning about gangs, long drives, looking out the window, meaningful tattoos, meatloaf schmeatloaf double-beatloaf, memorizing fonts, men with big noses, moments of truth, mostly harmless gossip, movin' on, my dreamboat sean penn, naming my future kids, natural beauty, not answering the phone, not wearing shoes, nudity, old book smell, outlaw/honky tonk country, prison, protest songs, records, religious kitsch, ridiculous humor, seeing patrick swayze naked, seinfeld, sex ed, sexuality, shamelessly loving hanson, sharing too much information, shit sandwich, singing & dancing wildly, slightly gaudy attire, small town america, social unrest, stalking awkward middle schoolers, strange collectibles, sunshine, sustainability, sweet soul music, swing sets, talking in songs, texas (the greatest state), the 50's, the beauty of life, the sky, the south, time warp towns, too much full house, top 5 lists, trailer parks, trashy celeb gossip, trashy motels, unexpected virgin mary sightings, unpretentious people, varga girls, waffle house, wanderlust, wearing skirts & dresses, white bear, william eggleston, words